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6 Ounce - French Lavender Infused Raw, Wildflower Honey

6 Ounce - French Lavender Infused Raw, Wildflower Honey


One of our Best Sellers from our Signature line. We also have French Lavender Mint and French Lavender with Rosemary. 6 Ounce Decorative Hexagon Glass Jar. Decorated with an Adorable Bee Charm and a Wooden Honey Dipper. French Lavender has a Sweet Smelling, Edible Flower with HInts of Pine. Lavender is used in a Wide Array of Culunary Categories and Has Many Health Benefits to its Credit including Helping with Insomnia and Anxiety.  Blended Masterfully with our Raw, Wildflower Honey to make sure Lavender doesn't overpower the Honey. Perfect for Teas and Baking. Raw, Natural Florida Wildflower Honey that is unfiltered and not pasteurized. Organic, Dehydreated, Edible, Lavender Flowers from France. Blended for the Distinct Taste of Lavender and Sweet Wildflower Honey Infusion.