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6 Ounce - Delicate Rose Infused Wildflower Honey

6 Ounce - Delicate Rose Infused Wildflower Honey


6 Ounce Decorative Hexagon or Round Jar. Decorated with an Adorable Bee Charm and a Wooden Honey Dipper. Delicate Rose Buds Infused into our Delicious Raw Florida Wildflower Honey. Absolutely Beautiful! Pefect for Weddings or Special Ocassions. Slowly and Gently Infused for Many Hours to Obtain a Perfect Mild Taste and Sweet Floral Aroma. Rose buds Marry Perfectly with our Raw Wildflower Honey and Achieve a Delightful Balance. Wonderful for Tea Blends, Baked Goods, Drizzles, Salad Dressings and More. 

  • Rose Infused Raw Forida Wildflower Honey

    Do not give Honey to Babies to Children Under the Age of One.

    If you have any Concerns or Questions Please Consult with Your Doctor Before Consuming.

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