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6 Ounces - Chicory Infused Wildflower Honey

6 Ounces - Chicory Infused Wildflower Honey


6 Ounces Decorative Hexagon or Round Glass Jar. Decorated with an Adorable Bee Charm and Wooden Honey Dipper. Chicory Infused Raw Florida Honey. Roasted Chicory Root is an additive for Stout Beers and Coffees. In the U.S. Chicory has Been Used As a Coffee Alternative. When Slowly Infused into our Raw Wildflower Honey for many Hours it Results in Hint of Coffee Flavor. Chicory has an Earthy Flavor similar to Coffee. It Pairs Well with All Types of Tea, but especially Well with Green Tea. 



  • Chicory Infused Raw Wildflower Honey

    Do Not Give Honey to Babies or Children Under the Age of One Year.

    If You Have Any Concerns or Questions Speak to Your Doctor Before Consuming.

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    Eligible for Shipping in Flat Rate Box.

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