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1 Pound - Carob Infused Wildflower Honey

1 Pound - Carob Infused Wildflower Honey


1 Pound Glass Jar. Certified Organic Carob Infused Raw Florida Wildflower Honey. Dried Carob Tastes like Chocolate, but is Lower in Sugar. Carob is Used in Whole Tea and Coffee Blends. It is Used in Baking to Replace Chocolate Chips, the Carob Pod is Uded in Making Simple Syrups. It Tastes like Milk Chocolate. This Honey Works Very Well as a Drizzle Over Fruit and in any Culinary Dish Where You Would Like to Add a Hint of Chocolate Flavor.

  • Carob Infused Wildflower Honey

    Do Not Give Infants or Children Under the Age of One Year Honey.

    If You have any Concerns or Questions Consult with Your Doctor Before Consuming.

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