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12 Ounce Elderberry Infused Wildflower Honey

12 Ounce Elderberry Infused Wildflower Honey


12 Ounce Decorative Glass Hexagon Jar Decorated with an Adorable Honeybee Charm. Giftable.  Filled with Organic Elderberries Pefectly Blended into Raw Florida Wildflower Honey. These Small Berries Pack a Big Punch! They are Used In Jams and Jellies, Teas, Syrups, Alcoholic Beverages and Craft Beer.  Tangy with Florals Notes Added to Our Wildflower Honey Equals One Yummy Concogtion. Research Suggests that Elderberry May Provide Cold and Flu Relief. It has Been Well Studied for its Immune Boosting Properties. Elderberry has Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties that are Beneficial in Helping with Sinus and Respiratory Related Issues. There are Many More Well Known Benefits related to this little Berry - Look Them Up. Moreover, we Love the Dark Purple Color it Adds to Our Honey and Delicate Tart Flavor too.  This one is a Keeper - Keep it on your Kitchen Shelf for Teas and Flavoring as well as a Spoonful a Day to Keep the Ickys Away!

  • Elderberry

    Do Not Feed Honey to Infants or Children Under the Age on One Year.

    If You Have Any Concerns or Questions Speak with Your Doctor Before Consuming this Product.


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    Eligible for Shipping in Flat Rate Box.

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