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The Impact of Heating Honey: Does it Alter its Health Benefits of Raw Local Honey?

As beekeepers who sell local honey. We have many people come to us to purchase local honey for the treatment seasonal allegeries as well as a pleathora of other medical benefits. We even have doctors who recommend their patients to us, veterinaria techs who purchase honey for their dogs who struggle with allergies, nurses who use it to treat patients whose rashes or wounds are having difficulty healing.

Honey has been used as both food and medication for a very long time. It had been traced back (depicted in Stone Age paintings) as far as 8,000 years ago. The first written record of wound healing honey dates back to 2600-2200 bce. Written in an ancient Egyptian trauma manual.

With it's tried and proven effects honey is till used for medicinal purposes in medical settings still today! It is predominatly used within wound dressing procedures (particularly those associated with diabetes to reduce or stop the growth of a wide range of bacteria, antimicobial) which are commonly found in wound beds. We see television commericals for cough syrups and sore throat products where phamaceutical companies have added honey as an active ingredient.

With all of this renewed interest in the importance of honey for medical uses the question has arisen and people have asked us personally (or made comments that they use it for medicinal purpose in hot totties or hot tea), "is it okay to heat honey?"

Our responses it a simple one based on facts and honeybee behaviors. If you want the full medicanal benefits of honey - eat it raw and do not heat it. Why? First of all, the brood nest of the hive is kept a constant 95 degrees fahrenheit. Heating past that changes the essential composition and degrades the quality of honey. In the colony honeybees know how to maintain the temperature by using various bee behaviors includeing bearding, fanning and water hydration. Next, research has shown that heating honey to mere 98.6 F degrees causes a loss of nearly 200 components - part of which pertain to the antibacterial properties, enzymes, and antioxidants contained it that make it potent.

So, we have two ways of using honey. One is for medicinal purposes and the other is for the sheer taste and delight that is what makes honey - honey! Yes, you can bake and cook with honey (check out our recipe page). It is an absolute culinary delight! Can you drink it in warm tea? Yes. Would you like a cocktail, perhaps the prohibition drink of it's days - the Bees Knees that is made with honey syrup? Yes. A beautiful dessert inspired by honey, a piece of Baklava? Yes. Indulge and Enjoy!

Just remember...

Honey for baking, cooking and culinary delights - simply enjoy.

Honey for medicinal purposes - do not heat. Use raw to reap the full potential and benefits associated with good, unadulturated honey.

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Raw Local Honey for Medicanial Benfits

I have two very interesting article link regarding honey for seasonal allegies:

Based on these articles by medical experts (because I am not one) feel free to check our Garlic/Ginger/Turmeric Honey and our Elderberry Honey (no sugar or water). We have your#rawlocalhoneynearme

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