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Honey Srirach Bruschetta

Updated: Apr 19

Honey Sriracha Brushetta
Like It Hot and Sweet!

Ingredient List

  • Store purchased or homemade Crostini

  • Softened Butter

  • Whipped Cream Cheese, 12 Ounce

  • 3 Scallions Chopped Very Small

  • 3 Cloves of Garlic Grated Very Small

  • Black Pepper

  • Chive, Chopped Very Small

  • Victorias Herbes de Provence (optional)

  • #vickiesbees Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric Honey for Drizzling


  1. Spread a thin layer of Butter as a base on each Slice of crostini bread. This keeps Everything from Soaking into the Bread.

  2. Squirt a ring of Sriracha on each Slice of Crostini and set aside for Later.

  3. In a bowl Combine Whipped Cream Cheese, Small Chopped Scallions, and Grated Garlic. Mix these 3 Ingredients together by hand until thoroughly Blended.

  4. This Mixture maybe Piped onto the Crostini using a Baker's Piping Bag or you can Simply Spoon a Dollop onto each Slice of Crostini (I prefer to pipe. I find it easier). Keep a knife or toothpick near in the event that you need to push the Cream Cheese Mixture down onto the Bread. Put a Dollop of Mixture onto each Crostini slice.

  5. Sprinkle Pepper and Herbs Gently on top of each little dollop.

  6. Drizzle Just Before Guest Arrive or Allow Guest to Drizzle with #vickiesbees #flavoredhoney #infusedhoney Garlic/Ginger/Turmeric honey for a sweet and savory appetizer.

This recipe is one of the most favored recipes that we serve at our #honeytasting here at #vickiesbees Palm Harbor, Florida Apiary. It is quick and fairly easy to make with clean and simple ingredients. For a small gathering 4-8 ounce jar of #vickiesbees flavored honey should be enough, but we also sell this in

12 ounces, 1 pound and two pounds. One of our favorite recipes paired with a best seller Signature honey. Another Easy Bee-sy Recipe!

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