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Ask The Beekeepers

  • Do You Charge to Relocate Swarms?
    A Swarm is a Clutch of Bees that may include 1,500 to 30,000 bees including a Queen. Swarming is a Natural Instinctive Part of the Annual Reproductive Cycle of a Honeybee Colony. These are most Common in Late Spring and Early Summer. They are Typically Not Dangerous at this time because they Do Not have Brood or Honey Comb Resources to Protect so their Defensive Behavior is Not Needed. They are Mainly Looking for a new Nesting Spot. Swarms should be Relocated Safely Away from Families, Pets, or Livestock. Honeybees are Cavity Nesters. They prefer Trees, but Humans have Encroached in their Natural Habitats. Therefore, Honeybees may Set-up Colonies in Soffits, Gardening Pots, Under Mobile Homes, Water Meter Boxes, Etc. They only Need the an Opening the Size of Pencil Eraser to Enter and Build. Since there are No Resources (Honeycomb or Brood) to Cut Out and Frame Up the Work is Significantly Less, the Danger Level is Decreased and, It Is Much Easier to Locate the Queen We do not Charge for this Service. We will Thankfully Accept Donations, but It is Not Necessary.
  • How Much Do You Charge to Remove and Relocate Honeybees?
    That is a Difficult Question. Our Estimates are Free of Charge, but Our Fees Depend on the Location (up High or Down Low or In a Structure) and How Difficult it is to Gain Access to the Colony. As well as How Large the Colony is. We Try to Keep Our Rates Reasonable While Keeping In Mind that It is Hot, Difficult and Dangerous Work. Likewise, We must Factor In a few Varibles before We even Begin the Rescue Process including the Cost of the Hive Boxes, Smoke Starter, Supplies, Time Invested and Travel. Please Call Today for a Free Estimate.
  • What Happens to the Honeybees After You Take Them?
    We take them back to our Small Apiary to Help Stablize them and Make Sure they are Healthy and Recover Well from the Rescue Process. There is a Good Chance that they May Abscond. It is Entirely Up to the Queen. She will Approve Living in a Boxed Hive or Not. We DO NOT Clip the Queen's Wings in order to Force Her and the Colony to Stay Bound to the Hive Box. We do Provide Drawn Comb and Resouces to make it More Enticing to Stay and Easier for the Workers to Start Building a New Home. If we Framed Up Comb and Brood from their Colony During a Rescue we Give it Back to the Bees to Use in Their Recovery and Rebuilding Efforts. If the Queen Approves the New Home they Will Stay. After A few Weeks we will Either Keep them in Our Small Apiary or Transport them to Our Farm Location In Dade City. We make sure All of Our Bees Have the Opportunity to Live Their Best Bee Lives free from Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, and Human Interference.
  • Do You Offer Educational or Group Presentations?
    Yes, we do. We will Provide an Educational Demonstration, Bring Live Bees in an Observation Frame, Bring a Model of a Bee Hive, Bring Examples of What BeeKeepers Wear as Protective Gear and Tools that They Use and Much More. We will Leave Time for a Q & A. Each Presentation is Customized to the Age and Purpose of the Group. We have also done Birthday Parties. We Do Require Proper Notice for Bookkings so We Can Be Prepared. Prices Vary. Please Call for A Quote.
  • Do You Give Tours of Your Apiary?
    Due to Insurance Requirements We Do Not Offer Tours At this Time. To do so Would Require Us to Provide Protective Gear for Each Person in the Tour Group. We are Not Able to Provide that at this Time, Perhaps Later Down the Road Sometime.
  • Do You Customize Honey Orders for Parties, Weddings, Holidays, Etc?
    Absolutely. We Do Require Appropriate Notice in Handcraft Special Orders, as well as to Bottle the Honey, Prepare Labels, Decorations and Other Customizable Details. Infused Honey Needs at Least Two Weeks Since We Handcraft Those in Small Batch Formulas. If You Need Honey for Weddings or Larger Events It is Better to Order Well in Advance Rather than Waiting. It Takes Time to Harvest, Blend and Bottle Honey. Better to Bee on the Safe Side Time Wise.
  • Will You Design A Special Infused Honey for Us?
    Yes, We Will Try Our Best. Reach Out and We will Chat About It.
  • Will You Ship My Order?
    That Depends on the Size of the Order. Honey in Glass Jars has Weight. We Would Need to Check with our Local Shipping Companies or Post Offices to Get the Best Rate for You and then Proceed Accordingly. Shipping, at this Point in Time is Not A Regular Service that We Offer. We are Working Towards It.
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