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Bee and flower. Close up of a large striped bee collects honey on a yellow flower on a Sun

 Extra Services

Vickie's Bees Performs Honeybee Removals and Relocation within Pinellas and Pasco Counties. We Are Professional, Registered, and Insured. Vickie's Bees is on The Approved State Honeybee Removal List. Trust Us To Humanely and Responsibly Remove Honeybees that Have Colonized in the Wrong Place. We will Safely Relocate them to Our Small Apiary to Recover afterward they Will Be Relocated to a Farm In Dade City, Florida Where They Will Live Out Their Best Bee Lives Free of the threat of Poisoning and Destruction.


Reach Out for A Free Estimate on Established Colonies. Swarms are Relocated for Free Although Donations are Graciously Accepted and Used to Continue our Work.

Note: Please note we are state regulated. They determine how many hives we may manage. There may be times when you call that we are at capacity.


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